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Yast2-UI to mount remote Samba/Windows/CIFS-shares

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At the moment there is no working Yast2-module to simply mount remote SAMBA/CIFS shares the "unix way" (i.e. with a directory entry in the filesystem a la "/network/sharename/").

(yast2-samba-client seems to offer this as "expert option", however I don't get it to work.)

The different desktop environments offer access with the "smb:/"-protocol, however this doesn't work really consistently. E.g. it doesn't help with consoles and scripts, and even some desktop apps, namely KDE's own Amarok, refuse to use the smb:/-protocol.

More annoying examples (added by xpuc): it's not possible to edit office documents on a remote share using OpenOffice, and Gwenview is not able to browse images in a remote folder.

So I think a Yast2-module - which should be simple to do, as it would only be a frontend to /etc/fstab or /etc/samba/smbfstab - to mount SAMBA shares should be implemented.


icons/user_comment.png S. B. wrote: (5 years ago)

I support this request. Syncing folders etc. does not work via smb:// and thus an fstab entry is needed. The UI should ease the setting-up regarding no-auto in case the user wants to mount via the DE's file manager, credentials etc.

The product should be changed to 12.2.

icons/user_comment.png R. C. wrote: (4 years ago)

I support this feature too. Suse and Opensuse constantly refer to the GUI of YAST to set up a system. Having an important network set tool missing is therefore strange.
Can this new YAST module included a setup for CIFS mounts using the autofs mount method.
YAST is now ported to ruby and I hope a dev picks up this mantel to make life easier for many small network admins.

Thank you.

icons/user_comment.png R. C. wrote: (3 years ago)

Would it be possible to get a response from admin / an evaluator on this request?
By adding this feature with timeout /ifup/ifdown scripts i.e. when the network connection is lost will add value to the typical home user.

A lot of work is currently going into YAST and believe it is a good time to implement this. How about including this in 13.2.

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