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I have some suggestions that i would like to see in the next coming release.
During installation and choosing which desktop manager (GNOME,KDE3,KDE4)
1- I would like to see the interface SCREENSHOTS beside the Logo and the description (at least one small screenshot). to help newbie like me to decide which one I choose.

2- Further more, I would like see the option where I can install several desktop managers on the computer. eg(GNOME+KDE3). I know i can do it later in YaST, but some people don't know about it. Also it will save time for people who install more than one desktop manager.
I know these suggestions are easy but I think they will make a big difference.
These are my thoughts, Thank you.


icons/user_comment.png S. K. wrote: (8 years ago)

This was already disposed of during the discussion of KDE as default.  In light of other actions that this should not be subject to any re-opening, I can only say that this should not go forward.  While this might help a newbie like you, the decision on how to handle your case was already made.

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