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zypper should list updates by version, not by build version

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If you look at the regular zypper workflow with refreshing, checking out updates and ending up upgrading those, one thing bothers me.

Using the "list updates command, zypper shows me every package which has been updated.

My fate here is to propose adding some switch to the "list updates" command to only list a package in the "lu" list if the package version increased and ignore build version changes.

User benefit:

This simplifies the use case of checking for real "software" updates on zypper, filtering out the updates that are caused by rebuilds.


Most of the time it is just the same package, rebuilt by the build service or due to a packager adding some minor change and triggering a rebuild. Thus only the build version of the package increased, not the real package version.

As long as my system is stable and I am just upgrading for features of new package versions I read up on the internets, I only care about the updates for packages that changes their package version, regardless if they had been rebuild or not.



MozillaFirefox full version is 3.5.2-2.1. I don't want it listed in "lu" if the version changed to 3.5.2-3.1, but I care to get it listed if it was 3.5.3-1.1.


icons/user_comment.png . . wrote: (9 years ago)

kind of upstream version change monitoring?

Released openSUSE repositories have frozen upstream versions though...

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