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"Report a Bug" icon for pre-release versions

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Inspired in part by Windows 7's links to "report a problem", I think that to make it easier and quicker to access Bugzilla, we should include a desktop icon and panel launcher to open the
Bugzilla "Enter new bug" page (with the product already filled in, as above), with all pre-release (NOT FINAL) versions of 11.3 and beyond (or 11.2 if we have time)

I've already created a .desktop file to do this, and use it on my own when testing 11.2/Factory. The file can be found
here (choose
Save Link As to download, or click to view the actual text in it).

Please also see my blog post about this: http://lizards.opensuse.org/2009/08/23/1-click-bug-reporting/


Joe Tester runs the latest pre-release version of openSUSE to help squash some bugs. He finds a bug that makes an application crash. He simply double-clicks on the
Report a Bug icon or clicks on the panel launcher, and Firefox opens to Bugzilla, with the product already filled in. He can then search for the bug and file it if it doesn't already exist. Joe Tester now feels good about himself.


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