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Good CJK / East Asian input support (esp. KDE)

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Rejected Information
Duplicate of #308892
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Setting up CJK support for typing kanji has always been a bitch for me and I always failed -- especially under KDE 4, even though I consider myself an experienced computer user.

Wang Hoi developed an applet that should make it all easier. It's currently in KDE-Review.

He wrote about it:




  • Duplicate of feature #308892:


icons/user_comment.png J. E. wrote: (9 years ago)

There is not much that can fail, actually. I think this is the simple procedure I used.

1. zypper in scim-anthy (package name depends on language you want)

2. perl -i -pe 's/^INPUT_METHOD=.*/INPUT_METHOD="scim"/' /etc/sysconfig/input

3. (log in again)

4. Shift-Space (IIRC; I changed my configuration to Ctrl-Alt-Space because Shift-Space is too easy to trigger in daily life).

5. Type SUSEは大好きだよ and profit.

icons/user_comment.png M. K. wrote: (8 years ago)

My suggestion is not about writing a whole new IM stack, but instead activating it easier and offering a native GUI for existing IM back-ends. Especially on KDE -- which is openSUSE's default DE -- there is no KDE GUI for switching input methods. In the KDE3 days there was SKim. There is a KDE4-based GUI (see the links above), but it's notshipped with openSUSE.

icons/user_comment.png T. R. wrote: (8 years ago)

As best as I can tell this, or something like it, is already present in the KDE4 factory repository.

icons/user_comment.png R. M. wrote: (8 years ago)

I can't find kimpanel in any of the KDE Factory repo. However, it is available in the 
home:swyear:ibus  repo.

I use it with fcitx as IME, and it works really well.

icons/user_comment.png R. M. wrote: (7 years ago)

This feature could be considered as duplicate of 308892 as SCIM is deprecated. KDE integration can also be handled in the same feature.

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