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Create a strong DE-neutral system/profiles

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it's just a response to the yet another proposed feature:


which i hope never will be accepted as a default. my response is in the 3-rd comment. suppose that the creation of a more flexible and DE-neutral system/settings/presets could benefit to all SLE/SUSE Users.


* pure GTK Desktop (despite on a LSB-3.1 give an option not to install "Qt" libs and add a GTK GUI at least for sax2)

* pure Qt Desktop (why not?)

* no Mono preset (we can easily use Tracker instead of Beagle and at least gNote/others to wipe out the respective Tomboy+Company)

* no Java preset (mostly targeted to the OOo replacement option by Gnumeric+AbiWord)

* Wicd instead of NM

* more attention to the low-level core components like kernel, drivers, basic libs and so on

the idea is to increase the flexibility of a system with the DE-neutral approach and aspect on a core components.


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