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Integrate Social Desktop into our Desktop

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Social interaction between people becomes more important than ever. Communicating over the Internet via mails, forums and internet platforms is just normal. Just think of Facebook, Flickr, BitTorrent...
One of the strongest assets of the free software community is its worldwide community of contributors and users who believe in free software and who work hard to bring the software and solutions to the mainstream.
Core idea of the Social Desktop is to connect to your peers in the community, making sharing and exchanging knowledge easier to integrate into applications and the desktop itself. The concept behind the Social Desktop is to bring the power of online communities and group collaboration to desktop applications and the desktop shell itself.
This feature is about the integration of such a social desktop into our desktop. If integrated it should be simply to use its functionalities but everybody needs to have free choice to use it or not.
The targetgroup of the new community / social network is not only developers but also the end users who are not familiar with technical stuff and can with an integrated social desktop get easily in contact with people in the same area or people with same interests or software issues. Creation of some kind of facebook for openSUSE may stimulate the openSUSE adoption and bind existing users to the distribution. This could be beneficial for the marketshare of openSUSE. Another aspect is that this kind of communities can transform users into contributors.





icons/user_comment.png S. B. wrote: (9 years ago)

KDE 4.3 contains first implementaions of that. KDE 4.4 will include more functionality.

icons/user_comment.png S. K. wrote: (8 years ago)

I don't think we have the resources for a "facebook for openSUSE" - so I think it's done with having KDE 4.4

icons/user_comment.png M. L. wrote: (8 years ago)

Agreed and there is no much interest in this feature :-(. I'll reject it for 11.3

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