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Database Frontend - easy to use GUI
What you need, without the nonsense!

With Glom you can design database systems - the database and the user interface.
* Glom has high-level features such as relationships, lookups, related fields, related records, calculated fields, drop-down choices, searching, reports, users and groups.

* Glom keeps things simple. It has Numeric, Text, Date, Time, Boolean, and Image field types.

* Glom systems require almost no programming, but you may use Python for calculated fields or buttons.

* Each Glom system can be translated for multiple languages and countries.


icons/user_comment.png D. L. wrote: (5 years ago)

Since the times of openSUSE 11.2, glom was in the :Contrib repository.
Since openSUSE 12.2, it is now part of the main repositories...

so I guess we can mark this as 'done'

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