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Dolphin command history

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Just a quite unfinished idea here, see if I can explain it...

Wouldn't it be great with a command history view in dolphin? Think something analogues to the history page in a web browser combined with the bash history (one additional example: if you have used Matlab version 5 or later you probably have an idea what I am sort of getting at: http://matlab.izmiran.ru/help/techdoc/ref/commandhistory.html).  Basically an interactive page which lists the previously performed file operations in dolphin,

In it's simplest form something like this:

Today (2009-06-20) ------------------------

move file  | source path | destination

change dir | source path | destination

Yesterday ----------------------------------


In terms of use cases you could se several

  • Undo/redo list
  • Simple way to repeat a command (just click on list entry)
  • If you make the interaction really clever you could use it to create simple macros , mark the entries in history that you want to include  -> save for later
  • Log of what you have done with your files.
  • Probably more use cases that I can not think of right now,,,

Ok with that said, I will not give you the pleasure to cut this to pieces all by your self, I will be the first to "help" you doing that ;):

1. Probably most would use the command-line for several of the use cases above (I do it myself and I am happy doing that)

2. To some extent this Idea intersects with other concepts, Time machine type functionality for instance.

Still I think it is an idea worth investigating, don't you?


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