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zypper lu should show installed version of package

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It is very necessary for zypper lu to show the version of the installed packages for which updates/upgrades have been detected. This way, one will be able to see if a package has a major or minor upgrade and accordingly decide whether he wants to update it. Currently it only shows the available version, and this is insufficient information for a user to decide whether he wants the update or not.


  1. zypper lu -a from terminal
  2. Upgrades for package foo detected.
    Installed version: 1.0.x
    Available version: 1.0.y
    User chooses not to install this minor update.
  3. Upgrades for package foo2 detected.
    Installed version: 1.0.x
    Available version: 1.1.y
    User decides this is a big upgrade, goes for it.


  • execute zypper lu -a
  • zypper should now talk about the upgrade status of the package/packages and Version


icons/user_comment.png A. B. wrote: (9 years ago)

This has been added since zypper 1.2.2. Milestone4 already includes this feature. Requesting to be closed as done.

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