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Access control in Build Service

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Hackweek IV


Implement access control in Build Service so that a project maintainer or admin can disallow "read" access to a project / package according to the accessing "user's roles". Currently, "all users" have read access and any user with "maintainer" role inside a project / package can write to the project / package.

Extend the existing "permission" set so as to allow more granular ACLs.

Not sure if this would really make sense to a public instance of Build Service - like the OpenSUSE Build Service itself - but has real value in a local Build Service instance.


TeamA and TeamB are involved in the same project (or product, since Build Service has no distinction) in a local instance of Build Service. TeamB is working on a new package, say alpha, inside the same project whose sources have a proprietary nature or fall under some kind of Non-Disclosable agreement. TeamB wants to continue leveraging the power of Build Service for this package as well.

As of today, there's no way TeamB can hide the sources of "alpha" from members of TeamA.

But with the help of ACLs, TeamB's project maintainer can easily set permission flags on package "alpha" to be accessed only by the members of TeamB.


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