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Redesign "Format and Mount Dialog" in YaST Expert Partitioner

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Rejected Information


The "Format and Mount Dialog" in the YaST Expert Partitioner has several
technical mistakes and limitations.

  • The mount-by method is in the fstab options dialog. This is wrong since
    volumes are also addressed in crypttab when they are not mounted. The same
    applies to the "Do Not Mount at System Start-up" setting.

    So these settings cannot be modified for e.g. encrypted volumes that are not

  • The filesystem label is in the fstab options. Thus it is not possible to set
    a filesystem label when not mounting the filesystem.

    This field should be moved from the mount options to the filesystem options.

  • Some filesystem options, e.g. "Disable regular checks", cannot be changed
    without formatting the filesystem although the filesystem tools support this.

    There should be a differentiation between filesystem options that can only
    be set during formatting and those that can be changed afterwards. One
    trouble is that this differentiation depends on the filesystem used.


icons/user_comment.png R. D. wrote: (8 years ago)

If this gets done, the mkfs & fstab option displays should, show basic information like device, size of partition (and any known/assigned type & Label) should be displayed as a cue to the admin / end user .  This would reduce mistakes.

Last change: 5 years ago
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