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Install boot entry configurable in kernel git file

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Provide a file in the kernel git which describes an installation boot entry including:

- help/description

- specific boot parameters

- active on which arch

The installation image (e.g. DVD) will then provide these specific boot entries to make it easy for:

- kernel developers to add critical boot parameters
required for specific HW for booting

- users by providing a meaningful help at boot
loader start up

Currently most important settings that are coming to my mind are:

- apic=bigsmp (for i386 machines with a lot cores
might require that)

- disable Kernel Mode Settings -> disable kernel
graphics parts which won't work on all HW if set
by default soon

The idea originally comes from Bernhard Walle. Steffen and myself discussed that already and agreed that it makes sense to do that.

On longterm it would be great to get rid of the "Failsafe" Yast boot loader functionality. This would not be necessary anymore then. This currently totally useless and outdated anyway. With the new approach, soon as one successfully booted an entry from the installation image, these boot options will be the default forever (or manually adjusted).


icons/user_comment.png S. D. wrote: (9 years ago)

I think the X' team' would like to get involved here WRT KMS. Also I believe we still want to have a possibility to detect that the user wants to start the Xserver from installation (usually fbdev driver) instead of the apparently broken native X driver. This was boot param 'x11failsafe' in the past.

icons/user_comment.png T. R. wrote: (9 years ago)

Yeah, in this case we probably need some advise from the X guys which boot params have to be passed, eventually other extra quirks are needed for KMS, no idea.

But in general the responsibility and possibilty to generate/modify extra boot entries and with them passing extra kernel boot parameters and a description when to use them should rely in the kernel teams hands and thus the config file should lie in the kernel repo.

Coolo, can you set this fate entry a project manager state, so that we can finally work on that at some time, thanks.

icons/user_comment.png S. D. wrote: (9 years ago)

Probably the modeset option needs to be used for all relevant KMS capable DRM modules, like i915, radeon. Possibily also radeonhd (still to be implemented) and nouveau (in case it's installed, we don't ship it). So something like this: i915.modeset=0, radeon.modeset=0, radeonhd.modeset=0, nouveau.modeset=0.

icons/user_comment.png A. J. wrote: (9 years ago)

I'm a bit confused what you want to do here. What advantage will this bring us?

icons/user_comment.png A. J. wrote: (9 years ago)

Just talked with Thomas: The idea is to safe the information about kernel-parameters as part of the kernel package and let the installation get this information from there - instead of hardcoding it in the installation workflow. Also the kernel would provide different options that the developers think make sense.

icons/user_comment.png M. M. wrote: (9 years ago)

Adding such file(s) to git and packaging them in the binary rpms is not a problem, I think this is mainly a feature for installation images build to get the configuration from the kernels and use it when generating the menu. Steffen, what do you think?

icons/user_comment.png T. R. wrote: (9 years ago)

Steffen and I already fiddled out a config file format.
It's mainly on me to add an example file to our git repo.
Steffen then can implement the installation image part.
I just did not found the time (and wanted to poke graphics guys about sane KMS kernel boot params to provide which should be most important for 11.2).

icons/user_comment.png S. D. wrote: (8 years ago)

About KMS integration for openSUSE 11.3 and SLE11-SP1, please see Bug #560438.

icons/user_comment.png S. D. wrote: (8 years ago)

Not sure if this one is still interesting for X developers. KMS integration is now fully done in SLE11-SP1 and openSUSE 11.3.

icons/user_comment.png S. D. wrote: (8 years ago)

I believe it isn't.

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