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BrowsePoll support in yast2-printer

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yast2-printer "Print via Network": request for BrowsePoll support

Usually there is no need for BrowsePoll support in yast2-printer because currently it is designed to make a setup according to the "Intrinsic design of CUPS for printing in the network", see

But there is a valid use case for BrowsePoll:


I know a use-case for BrowsePoll:

When in a bigger company there are several CUPS servers for various departments each server may allow access for all client hosts in the whole company but it would usually send browsing information only to the client hosts of the particular department to which a particular server belongs.

When a user in department A likes to see additionally the queues on the server for department B he would use BrowsePoll to poll the queues from the server for department B.

Adding BrowsePoll support requires a re-design of the whole "Print via Network" dialog.

I like to have it evaluated if it is worth the effort ("business case" and so on).


icons/user_comment.png A. J. wrote: (9 years ago)

Let's not redesign the UI for this at them moment. My only requirement is the default YaST policy: YaST should not overwrite user configuration changes, so if a user adds BrowsePoll and later runs YaST, the contents is still the same.

icons/user_comment.png J. M. wrote: (7 years ago)
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