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Yast Help Button Documentation Needs Specific Application/Service Overview in most all Yast Services

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I will use the help button in Yast>Firewall>Interface to provide the consent of why I fell we need service overview for most each Yast Service.

The assumption is that everyone uses a Linux PC to either provide NAT or a point where 1 PC has the only direct WAN interface as well as a second LAN Interface. In some networks, normally only those that are domain based have a dedicated PC to distribute comms and this is the only PC that has 1 network card in the External Zone, for example, and has a second Network Card in the Internal one which allocates either real IP Distribution to the LAN or NAT'ed 192.168.... /24 Black Hole Private IP's

For example the contact sensitive help that is presented on the Interface line is

  • **
Here, assign your network devices into firewall zones by selecting the device in the table and clicking Change.
Enter special strings, like any, using Custom. You can also enter interfaces not yet configured here. If you need masquerading, the string any is not allowed.
Every network device should be assigned to a firewall zone. Network traffic through any unassigned interface is blocked.
  • **
I think we need a Service Overview on the startup Help Button contact and subsequent link references to that from down wind services of the applications further help messages.

Here at the Service Overview Help we need the current text and reference to Service Overview to explain situations where a PC is dedicated to sit between the LAN (Internal Zone) and the WAN (External Zone) and is configured to allocate either Many Public IP's to the LAN or NATed Black Hole IPs to the LAN.

I am not sure what is happening outside of my home country Australia as I have not been away for 3 years, however Unless a Business Wants to maintain their own Domain and maintain their own Web Server the above is a mute point.

Almost all Modem Hardware shipped automatically for no cost from all their DSL providers will contain Ethernet and WIFI access, with routed comms using NAT, and most all support double-directional SPI Firewalls, NAT, and complete routing capabilities in one box. In the case of a small business or a Network Home user, if asked, I will replace their old DSL Modem to at very least the above services.

.AU in Large Homes and Small Business are dumping their software firewalls, particularly those which are Windoze users as they really need an unbelievable amount of comms knowledge to just run their major software Firewalls.

We are very fortunate not to be in a disaster of needing an advanced degree in comms to use our suse firewalls - however the point remains about the vehicle responsible for connection of multiple PC to the Net.

Just about every small Business owner farms out the WEB Server duties to a purpose facility such as www.dnsexit.com or many similar services and as such never have their Linux PC distributing the comms and web Services.

I dont know if we have the ability to present any graphics in YAST help, however I think each and every YaSt Service should have an Application Overview and a graphic diagram if possible when the Help Button is selected.

There are a great number of Yast Services that only Businesses with a T-n Internet connection will use PC hardware to supply downwards TCP comms IP's, web Services etc etc etc.

Perhaps if we offer help in a System Over View from the Help Button of the first stage of most all Yast Services, and link Help Specific information to Help on further use of a Yast Service, we might find users out there who really do not know what enormous services power they have if they can read each Yast Application's Short but accurate Service Overview.

Your thoughts?

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Enhancement Request in Overview aimed at 11.2
Actual Results:
Enhancement Request in Overview aimed at 11.2

Expected Results:
Enhancement Request in Overview aimed at 11.2



icons/user_comment.png A. J. wrote: (9 years ago)

This sounds interesting and something we could do as a community project. Coolo, do you agree?

icons/user_comment.png S. K. wrote: (9 years ago)

I fail to understand the scope of this ;(

And the score of the feature is 0, so unless someone from the community (e.g. Scott :) implements it or I would reject it.

Last change: 9 years ago
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