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Repair Network Connection in Automated Repair Process

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The Repair Installed System on the Boot/Install DVD offers "Repair Installed

The automated repair works very very well, however if it finds an error in the
RPM database it will attempt to download this info from HTTP/FTP Source.

However if the Network/Internet software and config are missing or damaged the
repair of missing or damaged RPM's becomes useless as it cannot access any
repository that is only accessible via a working Internet connection.

Firstly we need to offer the ability to repair the Network connection as part
of the Automated and System Repair Tools.

We dont do this currently so any error in either missing or damaged RPM fails
as the RPM cannot be obtained.

Then we have two new issues to enhance our current repair.

1.Where possible we need to change the process of obtaining the damaged and
missing RPM to come from the DVD repository source. - Currently everything is
obtained from an online repository.

2. If not possible in 1 above, our new ability to repair the network connection
permits the normal call for missing or damaged RPMs from an online repository.
so currently we can only repair installed system IF the Network connection is unaffected

original: Bug #480755 Scott Couston


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