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Delayed insert for clipboard paste actions

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One thing which has annoyed me since SUSE 9 is the interaction between (etc) KDE and the (x)clipboard. After selecting a text in a browser, etc, one would expect to be able to use the middle mouse button, or possibly ctrl-v to paste the selected text into another application. This works sometimes. However, more often than not, the expected result does not come about - either a completely different text is pasted (e.g. an 'older' clipboard entry) or nothing at all. Pasting something which you don't mean to paste into an application such as IRC, IM or a web form could mean sending information which you never meant to send - particularly if the pasting action automatically triggers submission.
Thus, maybe it would be possible (in the absence of clipboard being made work as expected - and yes, I have tried all the options such as sync etc) to have a delayed insert whereby there would be a timeout of, e.g. 3 seconds after pasting. The user would have 3 seconds to frantically hit "STOP!" before the text is automatically sent.


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