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Easier removal of packages installed due dependencies and not manually by user

Feature state

Duplicate of #300758
Status: Rejected


If one tries to install a package say "bzflag-debugsource", then due to dependency "bzflag-debuginfo" also gets installed. But later the user may not remember it and will uninstall only "bzflag-debugsource".

So installing and uninstalling, "bzflag-debugsource", does not leave the system in the same state as before. It would be nice if yast2/zypper can remember the automatic package selections and prompt user when the actual packages are being uninstalled and there are no other package that is still dependent on them.

Atleast a way to know the list of packages installed due to dependencies and the no of packages still dependent on them would make it easier for the user. And this list should not include packages manually installed by the user.


  • Duplicate of feature #300758:


icons/user_comment.png R. M. wrote: (9 years ago)

I think this request is a duplicate of Feature #300758, as it involve orphaned packages management.

See https://features.opensuse.org/300758 for further informations.

icons/user_comment.png N. K. wrote: (9 years ago)

Yes. Just another way of looking at the issue.

I do not think I have rights to mark this as duplicate and close this request.

icons/user_comment.png T. S. wrote: (9 years ago)

Marked as duplicate.

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