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Package and Project Marking

Feature state

Evaluation By Projectmanager


  • Add the ability to have a 'status update' on packages AND projects
  • * status updates are not package changelogs; logs refer to changes to the contents of the package, status updates relate to ongoing work on the packages
  • * 1:N relationship, status updates are timestamped. Like facebook or $microblogging service.
  • show current status on checkout or list
  • Add a command to read all the status updates on a package.


  1. Jack is updating Commodore:Amiga:Workbench:Factory to 23.2 and disables publish on the whole project before the actual release date with the status message '20090224 - disabled publish pending 23.2 release'
  2. Jill is triaging breakages in Commodore:Amiga:Workbench:Factory and marks packages without checking them out before assigning work to team members Denise and Paula, with "osc mark -m 'broken by input.device changes' Commodore:Amiga:Workbench:Factory Preferences"
  3. Paula is fixing a breakage in Commodore:Amiga:Workbench:Factory Preferences and locks (see #305899) the package with status update using "osc co -l -m '20090225 - fixing build failure due to input.device changes' Commodore:Amiga:Workbench:Factory Preferences"


icons/user_comment.png A. S. wrote: (8 years ago)

I see two areas here:

* Integration with external systems like twitter and social web sites.

icons/user_comment.png B. F. wrote: (8 years ago)

I love this one too.

Can we also have a file ( link to obs status page ) directly inside the repo.

for people like me making mirror of some repos, we can have a status link immediately and have a local status of the repo when the mirroring happen.

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