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Wireless light blinks all the time

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The LED blinking is very distracting and needs to be controlable.
The LED blinks when traffic goes through the wireless card. However you can
configure the LED behavior in /sys/class/net/wlanX/device/leds.
For example something like

echo none > /sys/class/net/wlanX/device/leds/*TX/trigger 
echo none > /sys/class/net/wlanX/device/leds/*RX/trigger
echo none > /sys/class/net/wlanX/device/leds/*assoc/trigger
should deactivate the blinking while traffic is received or transmitted. Just
play with the LED triggers to get the desired behavior.
This is a work around for a few people not afraid to muck with such things
but a GUI user interface to turn this on/off will be needed for most people.
I think we need YaST options in the wireless network area to tune the
LED behavior.


icons/user_comment.png C. T. wrote: (8 years ago)

Novell doesn't have any resources to fix this in openSUSE 11.2. But we would definitely welcome patches!

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