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Replace gnomesu by something more modern

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gnomesu is kind of obsolete and unmaintained.

In the world of PolicyKit, we could use the new PolicyKit-aware gksu, or the adminkit stuff done by Rodrigo.


icons/user_comment.png F. L. wrote: (9 years ago)

this is probably a duplicate.

icons/user_comment.png V. U. wrote: (9 years ago)

FWIW, we also have pkexec now, but pkexec doesn't work with graphical apps (it doesn't keep $DISPLAY)

icons/user_comment.png V. U. wrote: (8 years ago)
icons/user_comment.png T. S. wrote: (8 years ago)

While replacing it, please take this request into account: https://features.opensuse.org/310005

icons/user_comment.png S. L. wrote: (9 months ago)

In word of explainshell, OpenSuSE/SUSE users could use partnership:

Partnership is similar to explainshell, but born many years before. It preprocess files written in special language to achieve file ready to interpret by simpleshell(part of partnership). I put script to run dolphin below:
keep_env_var HOME
keep_env_var DISPLAY

Partnership will explain each command script would like to run, each file and each environment variable. Also it display risk level for each command/file. If there's no description in partnership database, then it uses manual pages.
For example, process file
rm -rf /
Will generate
rm -rf / - Delete all your files - 7
/ - root directory
To makes it work, I must change one think. Currently, for security reasons, keep_env_var command could been used only in place with not_root, but I can change this.

Why this?
- Because user have an list, which environment variable would been saved.
- User have an explanation, which command will be executed and what these commands could do
- etc.

Last change: 9 months ago
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