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Support transaction triggers for rpms

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It's important to be able to run once after all packages have been installed a command (instead of running the command after each of x packages getting installed, which would make the process much slower). That's basically a post-transaction trigger.

For background, see https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=365649 and especially comment #14 from Stanislav.
(note that this is work that should be done in upstream rpm, not as patches)


icons/user_comment.png A. J. wrote: (9 years ago)

This is an important feature for dist upgrade IMO. If we want to support "zypper dup", we need to handle this.

icons/user_comment.png F. L. wrote: (9 years ago)

I have no "PM" position on this, although technically it may make sense (some of the items, like the Gtk cache, can probably be helped by using less-broken caching on the Gnome front - I keep hearing complaints about it).

I will support Engineering's priority. Setting "important" for now.

If this is to be done, the "upstream" comment in the description regarding RPM is absolutely mandatory.

icons/user_comment.png J. K. wrote: (8 years ago)

We now do support 'zypper dup' but this is still missing. At the very least we should make users aware of the workaround with manually setting YAST_IS_RUNNING and running suseconfig, until this is done.

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