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Support of Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard on installation

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On Installation the user should be able to decide to use the bluetooth mouse/keyboard. Maybe just in the case that no other mouse/keyboard is detected.



icons/user_comment.png V. B. wrote: (9 years ago)

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I suggest to throw away this feature request completely. Here are the reasons.

Blueooth (BT) keyboard/mouse sets are equipped with proprietary usb bluetooth dongles and works as a standard usb keyboard/mouse from the computer point of view. After the startup the usb dongle is running in the "
Human interface device" (HID) mode. This behaviour enables to use the BT keyboard/mouse with BIOS only. Then, when the system is booted and the bluetooth subsystem is operational the usb dongle can be switched to to the "Host Controller Interface" (HCI) mode. Then the usb dongle operates as a BT controller and the keyboard/mouse are connected to the system as BT devices. The utility hid2hci should cover the whole transfer, but it works only for a couple of devices (which I have heard of, I have seen none). Generally I have seen either the BT keyboard/mouse is used in the HID mode with the proprietary usb dongle or the BT keyboard/mouse is used as a BT devices secondary input connected to the bt HCI controller (typically notebook).

The only situation for which this feature really make sens is the BT mouse and the notebook. There is no HID mode during the installation.

icons/user_comment.png C. T. wrote: (9 years ago)


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