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Netcontrol does not set up WLAN when kill switch activated

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Provide udev rule to activate / deactivate WLAN interface based on killswitch event


On my Lenovo ThinkPad T60p, the WLAN hardware kill switch doesn't work as
expected. I am _NOT_ using NetworkManager, but the traditional ifup method.
The problem seems to be, that the wlan interface is not properly brought
up/down when I use the kill switch.


This wont be fixed for 11.0, because there are different types of killswitch
events for different drivers. And it works with NetworkManager.

But for 11.1 we should be able to handle it more easily. There will be unified
killswitch events. What we need is a additional udev rule that calls ifup for
that event.



icons/user_comment.png J. E. wrote: (9 years ago)

Is not the kill switch handled directly in the kernel?

icons/user_comment.png V. B. wrote: (9 years ago)

In the case of the Thinkpad T60 the killswitch is handled by the acpid. This even is sent via HAL to the d-bus. The corresponding application should act on this event. AFACT neither Network Manger nor ifup/ifdown act to this event. The signal the HAL sends to the d-bus is from *acpi_rfkill_tpacpi_bluetooth_* . I can see that the bluetooth device is switching on/off on this signal.

icons/user_comment.png M. T. wrote: (9 years ago)

Netcontrol alias ifup does not listen to any d-bus events. A udev event is required.

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