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Support 802.1X Authentication on Wired Networks

Feature state

Duplicate of #301902


SUSE Linux does not support 802.1X authentication on Wired Networks. That means that users which need this feature have to install and configure it manually. What's even worse, users in authenticated environment cannot install SUSE from network.

This feature consists of 3 tasks:

  1. add suport to sysconfig/netcontrol (e.g. by calling wpa_supplicant -D wired -i eth0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_wired.conf in network scripts)
  2. add support to NetworkManager (and its frontends - NetworkManager-gnome and NetworkManager-kde)
  3. add configuration dialogs to YaST (during the installation and outside the installation - on running system)

PS: Fedora Rawhide (equivalent of openSUSE Factory) already has working implementation in NetworkManager-gnome. I do not know about other tasks.


icons/user_comment.png S. W. wrote: (10 years ago)

We already run wpa_suplicant during installation. Could you please explain the difference to your
proposal and what exactly needs to be changed?

icons/user_comment.png P. R. wrote: (10 years ago)

I'm talking about 802.1x authentication on wired networks (Ethernet). I'm not able to enter my credentials during install phase and even worse I cannot enter them in installed system either and I have to create wpa_supplicant with credentials by hand.

icons/user_comment.png S. W. wrote: (10 years ago)

And what needs to be changed to the present wpa_supplicant call?

icons/user_comment.png P. R. wrote: (10 years ago)

Probably nothing, but installation lacks configuration of user credentials and there seem to be no way to input them in installed system too (eg. using YaST).

icons/user_comment.png T. I. wrote: (10 years ago)

NetworkManager does support wired 802.1x authentication (SLED10-SP2 and opensuse 11.0 beta1) and the feature request is already in FATE: 301902.

icons/user_comment.png W. S. wrote: (9 years ago)

I would definitely vote for a much improved GUI for LAN/WLAN configuration on openSUSE 11.1.
knetworkmanager-KDE4 does not allow me configure network connections, either LAN or WLAN.
Knetworkmanager-KDE3 automatically connects to my router over DHCP but cannot be used with a fixed IP-address connection in order to configure my NETGEAR WG602 access point. WLAN only works in unsecure mode - I cannot establish a connection using WPA2-PSK.
YAST 2 can be used to connect to router or access point but I am only allowed one configuration per device. It would be nice to be able to switch between router and access-point configuration - which ever is plugged into my ethernet port. I cannot get WLAN to work at all with yast but that is because openSUSE sees my broadconm device as eth0 and not wlan0 and does not offer the right encryption options.
All-in-all network connections with cable or wireless are very difficult to set-up with good command line knowledge of the tools required - and I do not have this knowledge.

Please make easy WLAN configuration a very high priority - consider also the special case where the access-point does not broadcast the SSID for obvious reasons.

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