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yast and libzypp should respect the disk space reserved for root

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If e.g. root partition has 70MB free user space and 500MB free space reserved for
root user yast reports 570MB total free space. But installation of a package which is
greater than 70MB fails:

installing package kdelibs3-devel-doc-3.5.5-45 needs 335MB on the / filesystem

Yast should display the non-root free space (70MB in this case).

It seems that it is valid only for ext2/ext3 filesystems (XFS and ReiserFS seem to not support root space).
Default reserved space for ext2/ext3 is 5%.




icons/user_comment.png L. d. wrote: (9 years ago)

The problem is that the default reserved space is way to much for todays diskspace available. IMHO this issue should be addressed upstream, the default space should be much less than 5% or even a fixed amount of space e.g. 100MB.

The reserved space for root is tought for emergencies and not for installing new packages, at least not with that size.

At the end of the day it is not a good idea to support that feature.

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