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Preset network configuration using values from DHCP

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During the SLES install, it would be nice to have a dhcp client piece that could pick up information from a DHCP server and autofill that information into the appropriate fields during the install. Fields such as Mask, Router, DNS servers on the networking screens, and also SLP and NTP time information on the OES install screens. Netware has a similiar feature that fills in much of this informaton ( I believe written by Sheffer Clark) and it would be nice to have this same infomration auto populated in the Yast install.


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icons/user_comment.png M. V. wrote: (13 years ago)

Sorry, no.

If the addresses are managed by a DHCP server, then we must not take one of
them and use it statically because tomorrow the server can assign it to someone
else. See Bug #46369.

Why don't you simply use DHCP in all cases?

icons/user_comment.png G. D. wrote: (13 years ago)

Understood, do not get the ipaddress, but we could get the mask, router, dns server, slp server, and ntp server. Maybe we just have a check box that asks for lookup from DHCP. The fields of course could always be changed from what the dhcp server provides.

icons/user_comment.png S. V. wrote: (12 years ago)

We should offer this method as another automatic option to fill the defaults, similar to SLP in other parts of the configuration.

icons/user_comment.png S. V. wrote: (12 years ago)

From mail by Sheffer Clark:
There is a DHCP client module (I forget the exact name) on NetWare that
uses a DHCP Inform to collect the information. I have worked on the DHCP
module on NetWare, but do not work on this module.
However, a few months ago I did a little experimenting with the DHCP
client (dhcpd). If the server can temporarily allocated a DHCP address,
the current client lease file will contain this info. The dhclient.conf
file can be configured request other options as well. The client lease
file can be a bit difficult to find and the some complex options may not
be correctly parsed, like SLP; it would be best if the raw option info
for the current lease could be requested directly from the DHCP daemon.
I don't know of this will help you, but it may be of some worth. I do
know that the Novell Linux client group could also like to be able
collect SLP server and scope info using a DHCP Inform. You might want to
enlist their help.

icons/user_comment.png L. M. wrote: (11 years ago)

See FATE #100250 why the NTP configuration on a DHCP configured network should not be stored statically in ntp.conf and how this could be done for a DHCP driven setup.

icons/user_comment.png J. S. wrote: (11 years ago)

Please, postpone. We need to do research on how to get the information from DHCP first.

icons/user_comment.png J. S. wrote: (10 years ago)

Marius, Peter, which way do you suggest to get the information? Do you find output of dhcpcd-test (for configuring individual interface), resp, dhcpcd-test for all interfaces for configuring services an appropriate way?

icons/user_comment.png P. P. wrote: (10 years ago)

I no longer take care of DHCP.

icons/user_comment.png P. P. wrote: (10 years ago)

Please remove me from "needinfo". Thanks!

icons/user_comment.png M. T. wrote: (10 years ago)

Yes, using dhcpcd-test sounds fine, although I'm not sure if it is a good idea to store something.

Note, that when the dhcp clients was started in a non-test mode, they write the informations into
a lease / cache file and use them after a reboot in case the server is not available.

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