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Welcome to openFATE

openFATE is the Feature- and Requirements Management System of the openSUSE community. It opens the process of product planning to all openSUSE members.

openFATE helps to

If you want to receive notifications, please go to hermes and subscribe to the feature changes. There are also Feeds RSS feeds available for all feature changes and for new feature requests.

Have fun!

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Top voted Features for the next release
  1. Decouple download and installation
    (implementation) , score: 449
  2. Beautiful one-click-install
    (marketplace) , score: 97
  3. Less scary yast conflict dialogs
    (new) , score: 97
  4. Kolab groupware server support by openSUSE
    (implementation) , score: 58
  5. Restricted Guest Account
    (new) , score: 51
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